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The Latest Iteration for Digital Banking

Digital banking is globally evolving, with the focus of reviving the banking landscape especially for retail banking consumers. This global trend is providing consumers more choice and control over banking services and products. Innovance provided the bank with technology-based applications and expertise to capitalize on the vast array of opportunities which have arisen with digital banking. Possessing technological acumen and deep market and banking insight, Innovance’s expert team helped the bank to leverage internet banking channel to retain and grow their customer base with the most up to date and responsive designs in a shorter amount of time compared to benchmarks.


Application of most relevant technologies are now a “must” to address customer needs

  • Process Redesign
  • Digital Transformation
  • Architecture Overhaul

The very first responsive internet banking solution in the Russian market with special emphasis on application design under local conditions. With the analysis, development, testing & implementation provided by our consultants Innovance was able to relaunch this channel by adding new functions to be used by on mobile, tablet and web assuring a consistent consumer experience across all mediums. With the re-introduction of the internet channel, the bank was able to enlarge its share of wallet easily providing bundle products & cross sales via mobiles, tablets and web.


Innovance used the latest generation technologies such as React JS to transform legacy frontend infrastructure building business resilience and efficiency for the client to operate more competitively in an evolving digital banking environment.

Innovance’s technology consultants collaborated with a world-renowned UI/UX design firm to pioneer technologies across the entire digital banking value chain, striving towards making tomorrow’s user experience a reality. A fully responsive digital platform for mobiles, tablets, and the web where all main retail banking screens have been re engineered transformed. The new responsive flows supported all browsers, supporting responsive view structure and working agnostically across all devices.

Innovance introduced its own proprietary middleware layer ensuring access to critical servers was prevented from outside. The communication between the application servers was abstracted & conducted in a controlled manner. The middleware layer prevented phishing attacks with domain control. When the digital internet channel scheduled for updates, instead of making iterative changes in more than one application, the middleware acted as the adapter layer and introduced additional levels of efficiency assuring scalability for implementation, testing & QA.

Innovance also introduced its own content management solution (CMS) with workflow mechanism assuring simplified brand & campaign management across the whole internet banking channel.

Back-end services and related dispatcher services were also re-designed. For more than 40 % of core services, code improvements were made in order to achieve code quality and faster transaction times.


As Innovance, given our team of GenZ engineers & consultants, we understand that customers expect a seamless digital experience from their banks, as they have already grown accustomed to in their lives. Traditional banks are being challenged to meet these expectations given that digitally native new generation of customers seek similar user experience on every single product including any aspect of banking.

Innovance & all stakeholders consider this project as an historic transformation for the bank as we renewed & relaunched the internet banking channel capturing the needs of digitally native non-traditional consumers championing the customer experience and redefining long-held principles to gain significant market traction with a highly localized execution in an emerging banking market.


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