Credit Europe Bank Russia

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A revolutionary digital banking solution that differentiates our client, Credit Europe Bank Russia, in the Russian Banking market with special emphasis on application design under local conditions. This project was the brainchild of our three-year engagement with the client. With the guidance provided by our consultants up to date with world class technology and who are also constantly in touch with local market conditions, Innovance was able to identify a technology driven profit opportunity for the bank.


Latest front-end and back-end technologies are essential to achieve scale for top tier banks.

  • Process Redesign
  • Digital Transformation
  • Architecture Overhaul

Innovance provided necessary guidance and the resources for the bank to transform its old legacy system dependent retail sales functions in an end-to-end digital transformation project with a strong emphasis on the user experience. All sales functions used by the branch within the bank & brokers are transformed to fully responsive web functions to be used as “Tablet Banking” for new customer acquisition, retail & investment product sales to both prospect & actual customers achieving automation, speed and eliminating errors. With the introduction of this platform the bank was able to enlarge its share of wallet easily providing bundle products & cross sales via tablets.


For the digital sales platform with its new name CEBConnect interface, Innovance worked with a dedicated UI/UX design team, the whole interface was re-engineered and developed end to end with latest front-end technologies into an overall platform. The introduction of a new middleware layer with
full functionality shielded bank systems from future threats. A more comprehensive, more user-friendly, and more scalable system was developed.

With the new platform, credit card and debit card flows were reconfigured. The service structure in the old system was redesigned completely and a new workflow was drawn. Credit card application lead times ranging from 10-15 minutes was decreased to 3-4 minutes; debit card application processes, on the other hand, visibly decreased from 7-8 minutes to 2-3 minutes, achieving efficiency & greater customer satisfaction compared to benchmarks.

For each new workflow developed, parametric systems that can be managed by the main banking system were designed. FIAS system integration was made to provide easy address entry and editing without any back-end service connections directly communicating with the platform.

Core (Backend) services were re-arranged by the Innovance architecture team and dispatcher services were also designed by Innovance development team. For 40% of core services, code improvements were made.


A fully responsive web-based digital platform where all main banking screens have been transformed allowing tablet operations for sales within & outside the branches transforming broker banking within the Russian market. One of the core features of this new platform is that it can work in all modern browsers, supporting responsive view structure and working on all types of tablet devices giving flexibility to the bank to operate in 11 different time zones with simultaneous geographic coverage.

The CEBConnect, which is built on latest technology & architecture, will be operated within a greater life with lower maintenance costs with its fast and safe working structure and will be more easily adapted with emerging technologies & products. Currently, further digital transformation iterations are under works for the lending and the call center systems.


Improvement on average transactions times

Credit card application lead times ranging from 10-15 minutes was decreased to 3-4 minutes.


Improvement on core systems

Even though it was a project covering front-end layers, a middleware introduced, and major code improvements were made on core services.


Simultaneous operation on different time zones

A highly scalable operation and deployment was achieved from day one covering a large geographic area.


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