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BAŞKENT KART - A Metropolitan City Application

Innovance’s own wallet-as-a-service platform empowered a distinct lifestyle application to enable social assistance for the metropolitan municipality of Ankara, the capital of Turkey covering a user base of 5 million and more.


One single app for the public

  • UX/UI Design & Implementation
  • Mobile and Web platform integration
  • Digitization of financial aids

Innovance provided both the necessary know how and technology expertise to transform the existing application to a fully fledged lifestyle application to digitally conduct all facilities offered by the metropolitan municipality for all mobile & web platforms.


In this comprehensive project, Innovance helped to digitize all related processes from flows to core functions with a full range of responsive application allowing mobile and web usage with additional functionalities for social aids provided by the municipality.

Digitilization of Social Aids

Financial aids previously provided by the municipality are now carried out by loading an online balance into Başkent Kart, which is given to the families in need with the following features: online / stationery / utilities / fuel / public transport

Any expenditure made was deducted from the associated balance. In this way, social aids cloud be redeemed from any merchant by the beneficiaries seamlessly without any additional integration.

Above mentioned balances were displayed per user on the application and due to the linkage with the card, digital transactions were carried out for any facility offered within the municipality truly eliminating cash as the final step for a cashless city.

Project Design

The state-of-the-art UI designed by Innovance allowed easy operation with animated graphics & stylish fonts. The application featured full range of loyalty features enabling cross campaigns among different merchants expanding the use of the card into retail as well.

Innovance provided all related functional and technical designs, middleware development and integration along with full front-end design & implementation allowing efficient and time sensitive expansion at the top of the existing core services established with the guidance of Innovance through its ecosystem partner.



The application has relesed live in 7 months with 20+ financial features, you should check out in any store!


More than 20+ Financial Features

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