Our success story with a large bank: Digital Infrastructure Transformation

July 10, 2023

Thanks to our experience in banking services infrastructure and solid resources, Innovance successfully carried out the project with the client’s teams. Innovance formed a team by combining its experience in banking infrastructure with its strong technology team as members of the bank’s own team. With this powerful team, Innovance provided training for the software development teams of the bank, resulting in a major impact that exceeded expectations in a very short period of time.

Innovance has migrated the related systems including Tibco technology with closed-source code used as the middle layer (MW) and service infrastructure within the bank, to an open-source Java architecture tailored to the bank’s standards. Initially, Innovance transformed all related channels of the bank (Branch, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Call Center, IVR, etc.) to the new banking service infrastructure using this middle layer, enabling the development of new services on the updated architecture. As a result, the combined teams responsible for various modules such as retail credits, corporate credits, open banking, and internal corporate applications were initiated to use this new structure. In this new dynamic system, the bank currently continues to transform the services in their own modules in an ongoing Project.

One of the main goals during this transformation was to ensure that the existing screens were not affected by the infrastructure changes by not altering the inputs nor outputs of all related services. We successfully accomplished this objective within approximately one year.

In the second phase of the project, Innovance identified high-volume services in the old infrastructure consuming 80% of the CPU (with an average call duration of 150 seconds) and enabled the closed-source system to eliminate a significant portion of licenses and server costs. Innovance migrated approximately 5,000 (around 55% of the remaining services) to the new architecture by making performance improvements. To facilitate this migration and make it compatible with the new system, and standardizing it, Innovance developed a “code generator” over a period of 1.5 years, and subsequently completed the migration process. The second phase of this major transformation took approximately 3 years to complete.

Why was this transformation required?

  • The banking service infrastructure used by the bank was lagging behind in terms of current technologies.
  • It had one of the highest CPU consumption rates and operational costs in the bank.
  • Finding software developers for the maintenance and development of outdated technology was difficult.
  • There were high maintenance and support costs.
  • Integration with new-generation technologies was challenging.
  • The annual license costs were high.

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